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Av Pelle - 31 augusti 2008 19:46

After a hectic Friday night with the new baby arriving and being alone at home with Nellie, I doubted on the possibilities to participate in the ½ ironman on Saturday. No babysitter arranged, but Jörgen offered to let his daughter Evelina take care off her, when we went for the race. So the race was on again. Perfect, even if I didn't feel perfect due to an aprroaching flu in my system, but I hate to cancel things, so we went to Tjörn. It was perfect weather conditions and really a nice arrangement (1st time Tjörn Triathlon). Micke, Jörgen, David & me had an internal challenge, with all the compulsary "tjôt & tjafs" before the start. It adds a relaxed & fun approach to the physical challenge. I was first of us out of the water (1900 meters in 48 min), then I was passed by Jörgen on the bike, but kept him within eye sight, so I actually managed to pass him during transition (biking 90 km's in 3 h 11 min). The last stage on the run was tough but I kept running in a slow pace without any  walking. David passed me after 14 km's in his normal lightfooted manner and he finished 10½ min in front of me. Excellent race from him, doing triathlon for the first time ever. My run time over 21 km's was 2 h 8 min and the overall finishing time was 6.13,12 I was pleased with my performance. Better than my target time.

Then home to pick up Nellie and then collect Misia & Baby Goofy at the hospital. The MC-gang met later on for a crayfish party at Jörgen's place. Very nice & looooong day.

Oh yes, I've been tired all Sunday and my mind & body need some relax after a very hectic weekend. Of course my flu has broken out in full flow, due to no more power in my body to fight it off. Just to accept and let it  happen. I will be on parental leave now for 2 weeks, so it could be a worse situation. Now I can focus on the family life for a while. I just don't want Jim (presumably the name of our baby boy) to catch any germs from me.

Av Pelle - 29 augusti 2008 22:56

Yes, Yes, Yes, today our little Baby Goofy decided to get out of the comfort inside Misia. Contractions started already at 4 in the morning and we stayed cool until Elvira & Oliver had gone to school and Nellie to kindergarten. Arrived at the hospital at 9 AM and the contractions continued, but in a rather slow pace. Misia got epidurial/pain killers in the afternoon and then it all started.Some struggle with pain and pushing for an hour or two, then he came out at around 17.10 Perfect looking little guy. 3.8 kg and 52 cm. He is already more handsome than his father ...

Great feeling for all of us and it was funny to see Nellies reaction on this little brother. Suddenly she looks very big.

It's hard to beat the feeling of seeing your own baby being born, even for an "experienced guy" like me. That was number 5. Good job Pelle ;-)

Av Pelle - 28 augusti 2008 20:25

Damn it. I feel a cold/flu coming in my system. Typical, when it's only 2 days until the ½ Ironman. That probably also explains whay I've felt extra tired the last couple of days. So now I'm taking nature medicine (Echinagard) every 2 hours. It can turn it around if I'm lucky. Important to act on the flu symptoms as early as possible. No last bike training today, only some rollerblading with the kids. I've got my road bike back from Timo, who have given it some all over service and adjustments. That will be great to bike on it without hearing annoying noise from the chain etc. Those small things make it so much more pleasureful.

Av Pelle - 27 augusti 2008 11:34

Time flies, they say. It becomes very obvious when you look at your kids. Myself, I look the same as always ;-) It doesn't feel like very long ago that Elvira was born and running around like Nellie. 15 years ago though and she's not a baby any more. But I keep buying her toys, sports stuff etc. This morning she got a new pair of rollerblades, so we can go out and do some skating together. I think it was the 4th time that I bought rollerblades for her birthday. That's how much fanatasy I've got when it comes to presents. I want it to be something active. Around our new house is very good areas for doing it too, so it will be fun. I need to do more activities together with her. Her main interest is horse riding and I can't afford a horse. Perhaps I will take her for an outdoor horse trekking weekend later on this autumn. We will all go to Hard Rock Cafe tonight to celebrate her. Happy Birthday Elvira!

Av Pelle - 26 augusti 2008 19:30

People are using that kind of expression, especially now after the summer vacation and when the olympic games on TV is over. And it sounds like most of them are happy about it too ..!?! Can it be like this, that most people really like routines, so they know what to do and when, how and with who?? I'm amazed at Volvo how most people stay at the same place in the same role doing more or less the same tasks year after year after year.

Normal sounds boring & Swedish. Lagom or mellanmjölkish. I start to feel that lagom-mentality almost everywhere here now, after 4 months back in Sweden and it turns the rebel mode on inside me. Perhaps not every day have to be an adventure, but I want to feel that each day is a little bit special. Routines and lack of new ideas & plans are mental killers. It doesn't always have to be better & better as long as it changes in some exciting direction. So if my work situation is a bit in an idle state at the moment, at least my training & plans for new challenges are moving forward. Also the extention of the family. Baby Goofy was due to arrive yesterday, but he seems to be a cool guy already. No getting-out indications yet ...

If I previously have identified myself a little bit with Goofy, as a happy-go-lucky and easygoing character, I realize that somehow I'm moving towards the Homer Simpson type, being the expected head of the family with lots of responsibilities etc. At least he seems to be in harmony most of the time and is appreciating the simple pleasures in life. That's not to bad. Keep it simple stupid (KISS).

Av Pelle - 22 augusti 2008 22:43

Lack of power today, no kick in my legs. Endured 20 km's thanks to willpower. Some days are just tougher than other, but I also know that after a run like this, it can also be better then ever a week later. It's often a signal saying, that it's time to take a break and right now (a week before the ½ IM) it's actually time for tapering. Dave Scott's tapering plan over 21 days (divided by 3 in this case) can be recommended§ion=Articles&creative=Article2Link

Av Pelle - 21 augusti 2008 21:02

Managed to do both a bike ride and a swim today. The evening weather was perfect for swimming. Jörgen & David joined me for what probably was the last swim preparation before Tjörn and we made a nice 50 minutes lap in Kåsjön, approx 1900 meters, that equals the ½ IM swim. Hakuna matata!

Last nights 13 km run wasn't easy. My heel is still giving me pain. I bought some special heel spur protection in gel, that I now have mounted in my runner shoes. Hopefully it will ease my problems over time. I'm also back on antiinflammatoric pills. No mercy, I have to be able to do enough of training before Tjörn. I might go for a longer run tomorrow. "No pain, no gain". Just do it!

It was a long time ago that I felt so motivated to push my body through training sessions and I have to admit that I like it. The enthusiasm within the MC-gang is one strong factor, but also the fact that I haven't been able to do much physical exercises in Asia during the last 2 years, so it feels a bit like getting back into something that I really enjoy. You don't know what you really like, until you miss it.

So if I can keep this training pace up, I will hopefully be an Ironman again next year, (or Superman), or probably more like Super Goof.

Av Pelle - 19 augusti 2008 22:20

Alright, now the registration for Tjörn ½ Ironman is done. It will be great to do a triathlon again (over 3 years ago since Austria IM). Also fun to do it together with some good friends. Magnum told me during lunch today, that he will be there too, but he's playing in another division. I will be happy to be within 1 hours margin after him. My target time is 6.30 I need to do some more longer biking sessions this weekend. That will be key to reach my target. I don't care about the result, as long as I'm number 1 in the MC-gang ;-) Huuu ... this comment will cost me some sweat.

Today I watched the web-version of Canal Lokal's Monday evening show with a very famous mental coach named Michael Södermalm. He said that it's more important to set "inspiring" targets then realistic targets. On the other hand Erik Hörstadius in the Olsson's Studio is saying that it's better with realistic targets then "stupid optimistic" targets. Yeah, they might be right both. Let's do some analysis around this after the ½ IM, during the crayfish party at Jörgen's place the same night. Then we'll have some real facts/results to work with and some extra stimulated brain cells. Cheers!

I already visualize myself running in the front of the pack close to the finish line in Skärhamn, see photo -->

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