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Lucia Marathon in Bovallsstrand

Av Pelle - 13 december 2008 22:49

Despite having a flu coming in my system, I decided to go to Bovallsstrand this morning for another marathon race. Yes, it might sound stupid, but I also know how bad I would feel by canceling it and staying home feeling sorry for myself. I decided to go easy, well that's the only pace I know nowadays so that was no change. Target time was 4 hours 30 minutes. It was around Zero degrees, so the full outfit was on, incl windproof jacket, wollen hat and gloves. The course over 7 km's is rather tough with lots of hills and twists & turns, through the streets of the fishing village, along the rocky coast line and through some forest. Nice mix and beautiful scenary. 6 laps. The first 3 were OK, passed half marathon on just over 2 hours. Then I started to struggle half ways through the 4th lap. My good friend Petri passed me on his 5th lap (new PB on 3.10) and I had to walk up some hills. The 5th lap was the toughest and I lost ground to some other runners around me, but somehow I came back miraculosly on the last lap and overtook some of the ones that had passed me earlier on. I felt great and realized that I could reach my target and so I did. 4.24,07

Petri & Malin joined me home for dinner and some drinks. Good to catch up with Petri again. He's a triathlon fanatic and is getting better and better, even at the age of 43. Interesting. I hope to do an Ironman again next summer (Kalmar maybe) and my target is a new PB at the age of 51.

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14 december 2008 08:19

Imponerande Pelle!! Hatten av för din prestation.

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