Direktlänk till inlägg 13 februari 2009

Friday the 13th

Av Pelle - 13 februari 2009 20:24

My sister called and congratulated me this evening. I was a question mark. What have I done now? Hmmmmm.... the XC ski world championships doesn't start until next week, so it couldn't be for any gold medal from there. I've been a bit like a Zombie this week, with a very long time zone adjustment from China in my system, without any proper rest or sleep, so who knows what I've done. Hopefully something good and since my own sister calls, it's for sure something special. Personally I'm happy that it's Friday. Worth while celebrating. I actually bought 20 nice roses for Misia, as an early Valentines Day thingie. Red & Yellow mix, very special combination.

The reason why Bibbi called was to congratulate me on my name-day. Not Agne, but Ove. I had no idea and who cares anyhow? No achievement to be named Ove. I wouldn't have picked that name if I would have a choice. Nice of her to call anyway. Cheers!


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Av Pelle - 7 mars 2009 17:30

I've lost some enthusiasm for blogging lately, so I will take a timeout for a while. To many other things to do and I am already spending to much time in front of the computer. So if you wonder what I'll be doing instead, I hope that the answ...

Av Pelle - 1 mars 2009 22:41

Vasaloppet 2009 is over. Very impressive results from a MC-gang perspective. 8 out of 8 succesfull finishers. My conclusion from a general view is that is all about mindset and mental power. OK OK OK, some physical abilites as well. The strongest ach...

Av Pelle - 28 februari 2009 19:44

Ready to hit the ski tracks tomorrow morning. The temperature is perfect, around -10 to -5 degrees. We have tried the tracks up around Smågan this afternoon and it's fabulous conditions. Now we are hoping for a day tomorrow without any snowfall. ...

Av Pelle - 26 februari 2009 21:18

Yes, the flu has left my system. It has really helped to empty my body from all kind of energy reserves the last 4-5 days. If I remember correct according to some old body charging theories, it's good to clean out and empty your body, before star...

Av Pelle - 25 februari 2009 11:19

Time is flying in supersonic speed, so it's good to reflect back now and then, to get a picture of what's happening in life. That's why I now and then take a glimse back in some files to check what was going on the year or years before at...

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