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Slumdog Oscar

Av Pelle - 24 februari 2009 19:13

My cheap chinese copy of "Slumdog Millionaire" was actually very good. Hopeless English subtitles, but that's quite often what you get. In this case half the movie was in Hindi with original English subtitles on the screen so no problems on that part, but the Indian English, that sometimes is a bit hard to understand, was not understood at all by the Chinese translator. It gave us a few laughs.

So was the movie really worth 12 SEK and 8 Oscars?? Hmmm... 12 SEK OK, but definately NOT 8 Oscars. The scenes from the 2 brothers early days in the slums of Mumbai, were fantastic and the first 30 minutes were very promising. I was eating some yoghurt when the main character, Jamaal, was jumping down into a big outdoor shithouse. That ruined my already poor appetite. Yaaak! Otherwise, this movie turned into what I wrote yesterday. The storyline was fading out in the middle, well ... it was quite a stupid story in the first place, and then it just had to be nicely wrapped up into a happy ending. Not an Oscar winner according to me.

I enjoyed watching the crazyness of Mumbai again. 2 years ago, I stopped there to have a look around and to run the Mumbai Marathon. The marathon race itself was a bit chaotic in the end when they let the traffic on to the streets while we were still running. I wasn't surprised, but the consequences in a place like Mumbai are worse then anywhere else, since it's absolutely crazy traffic there. The next day I had planned to relax on Chowpatty Beach, but it was so polluted and full of rubbish and stray dogs, so I quickly changed my mind and took a boat from the Gateway of India out to Elephanta Island. When I saw the scenes in the movie of all the orphan kids and beggars, I felt some strange emotions coming back. "Their reality is not my reality" (quote from Micke S).


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