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Reflections back over 30 years

Av Pelle - 25 februari 2009 11:19

Time is flying in supersonic speed, so it's good to reflect back now and then, to get a picture of what's happening in life. That's why I now and then take a glimse back in some files to check what was going on the year or years before at the same time. Only the future can be changed, but the steps that you take are often influenced on the past, sometimes in an opposite direction to find new paths or to get back on a track that actually was alright with some time perspective. I'm just worried to get stuck in a grey timeless situation for to long.

Now it's the middle of week 9 and I'm home sick and need some inspiration. Let's check.  

What happened exactly 1 year ago? Seoul, Korea. We were told by Dr. Sung that our baby to be, is a little boy.

What happened exactly 2 years ago? Flying back to Kuala Lumpur, after being at home to visit the kids and doing Vasaloppet (without any snow training at all).

What happened exactly 3 years ago? Lake Waikaremoana, New Zealand. Four days of tramping around one of the nicest tracks in NZ.

What happened exactly 4 years ago? Very sad week, when my dear Ronja passed away.

What happened exactly 5 years ago? Hurghada, Egypt. Snorkling in the Red Sea. Great vacation.

What happened exactly 6 years ago? Home as a singel father with the kids.

What happened exactly 10 years ago? Skövde. Also sick with flu. 40,6 degrees fever. I shouldn't complain now ...

What happened exactly 20 years ago? London. Working at BT. Took a drive to Bath, Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Portsmouth & Brighton.

What happened exactly 30 years ago? Kvänum/Skara. Preparing for my first Vasalopp and had reached a tally of 634 km's before the race. Finish time 7 hours 40 min.

So yes, some things are coming back again and again, especially on a week like this, being the week before Vasaloppet. I doubt that I can beat my first finish time on Sunday, but but ... on a good day ... who knows?


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