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Av Pelle - 21 december 2008 23:03

Needed to refresh my mind this morning so I put on my roller skis and started off, but felt lots of pain on the side of my left foot. Tried a few hundred meters, but had to turn around and skip it. I have felt this before during skiing and running. Really painful and I can't really recall how it started. Swapped over to running shoes and tried some steps on the street. Yes, better and my need to stimulate my brain with some endorphins was still a top priority, so I decided to drive over to Delsjön and run around both the small & big lake. It' s a beautiful area and the course is rather demanding (up & down). Approx 12 km's in 70 minutes. That was perfect but I had to put in more efforts than normal. My body is still a bit weak after last weekends marathon race and the subsequent flu that still haven't left my system fully. Plenty of lack of sleep due to having Nellie in our bed during nights, also with a bad cold/flu/fever/etc, plus trying to run faster then ever before at work during the last couple of weeks, is a disastrous combination. Some days I have felt that my eye sight is getting bad, not to mention my short memory. Falling asleep at the dinner table and some hallucinations are other bad signs and I would do something about it, if it wasn't for the upcoming Xmas break. I'm sure that I will be back on top again after a nice rest and some skiing up in the winter house. That's the only medicin I need to recover. Called Jan-E to check the snow conditions there today. Approx 60 cm's in average on the mountain and it was snowing heavily tonight. It sounds very promising for the New Year's first week when we will be there.

Av Pelle - 20 december 2008 13:48

We were ending this last week before Xmas with a Friday afternoon/evening traditional get-together with the MC-gang. Originally we had the idea to do some Xmas shopping in combination with a few beers etc, but it have never happened. Only the drinking part has been fulfilled. Anyhow it's been a good label on the activity as such, to receive full support from wifes & families at home.

This years surprise activity was a little movie made by 2 members around some activities that they've done in secret behind our backs over a period of 6 months. Cool, but the problem was that they had taken on some challenges and also performed them, that the whole team had set up as challenges for the coming year. Hmmmm ... Now, that challenge is not so interesting any more for the rest of us. Even the common Vasaloppet activity fades a bit, in the light of this. Strange enough, they thought that this would be an inspirational booster for us. Not at all. That's pathetic to think. Even today with a sober brain, I can't understand how they were thinking. The team activity part has now partly vanished from my mind picture. Some trust issues are also assoicated to this. Sneaking behind the backs of so called good friends are not nice, if the purpose not is to prepare some positive surprise for them. This was not of that kind at all. I made an "Ara Abrahamian" and left my Xmas gift movie at the "ceremony". It would just upset me more knowing that it would exist in my house and recreating the same emotions again. I might be more sensitive than many others to these kind of thoughtless treacherous behaviours between friends. It's hard to build a true brotherhood on those kind of happenings.

Anyhow we had lots of interesting discussions for the rest of the evening as a result of this, so let's see what direction it takes from here. There's a lot at stake, so of course we will make our outmost to rebuild some questionable trust issues. Every family goes through these kind of minor disturbances from time to time, but the strong ones are able to sort it out through honest and open discussions. So will we!

Av Pelle - 18 december 2008 23:09

No sorry, it's not a blue Swedish movie, that I'm refering to. Only one sex scene in this one. It's a really cool movie by Roy Andersson called "Du Levande" (You Alive), that is set in a retro style environment with a series of almost indepedent sequences in a rather miserable mode and slow pace, but somehow it's getting to you. Hard to describe, so please watch it yourself. Here is a teaser  Really good stuff!!

Now I have to capture his previous movie "Songs from the second floor".

Av Pelle - 17 december 2008 21:39

Bought a Christmas tree yesterday. That was probably the first time ever that I've paid for one. The last 8 years or so, we haven't had one and before that we usually got one from someone with access to their own forest up in Skaraborg. When I was young, Dad & Grandpa actually sold Xmas trees back home as a side business. I remember well, all the people that came there to inspect all the trees, critisising and bargaining. That and the associated social chitchats was probably the fun part for them.

Tonight Elvira & Oliver came here to help us decorate the tree. Lots of angels etc all over the tree now. What I like the best is the smell of the tree inside . Hopefully it will not loose all the needles until after Xmas, but it looks a bit worrying already ...

Otherwise, I have a rather bad cold in my system, so I fight hard to manage to keep the work energy up during a very hectic period with lots of tough challenges to take on.

Hurry up Xmas, I need a break !!

Av Pelle - 14 december 2008 21:39

The day after marathon has been an American lifestyle day. Right now we are watching Supersize me, the movie about what happens to you if you eat to much McDonalds junk food. I've seen it before, but it's good and it puts your mind off that kind of crap for a while. We have also just seen Simpsons the Movie, that we also seen before but anyhow. I normally prefer the normal 30 min episodes. Also managed to watch Chelsea - West Ham 1-1 and some skiing this morning, so what I'm saying is that it's been a really lazy day in front of the TV. My body needs to recuperate a bit.

Had some glögg and lusse buns at Ulrika & Fredrik's place. They are cool and relaxed guys. Far away from the commercialized American style.

The strange thing about the Supersize me movie is all these so called expert, who are telling all the negative facts about eating junk food, but they are all more or less overweight themselves, probably eating Big Mac's on regular basis. Some people think that they are taking a health drink when they choose Diet Coke. Hey guys, have you tried Nyponsoppa?

I remember when I took my parents to Florida some years back. The thing that made biggest impact on them was all those fat people everywhere.

For some reason I think that the trend is currently turning around. Most people with normal brains are aware of the connection between what you eat and how you turn out bodywise. Also the effects of physical exercises. So why do so few people act accordingly? That doesn't mean that you have to live 100% like that. Just don't let the shit food and lack of activities dominate your life. Like I have done today ;-) We actually had nice fish, potatoes & sallad for dinner, so no worries!

Sorry for using Americans as bad examples. There are exceptions, but lots of lousy lifestyle shit is coming from over there.

I'm far away from perfect, but at least I burn some calories with regular intervalls.

Av Pelle - 13 december 2008 22:49

Despite having a flu coming in my system, I decided to go to Bovallsstrand this morning for another marathon race. Yes, it might sound stupid, but I also know how bad I would feel by canceling it and staying home feeling sorry for myself. I decided to go easy, well that's the only pace I know nowadays so that was no change. Target time was 4 hours 30 minutes. It was around Zero degrees, so the full outfit was on, incl windproof jacket, wollen hat and gloves. The course over 7 km's is rather tough with lots of hills and twists & turns, through the streets of the fishing village, along the rocky coast line and through some forest. Nice mix and beautiful scenary. 6 laps. The first 3 were OK, passed half marathon on just over 2 hours. Then I started to struggle half ways through the 4th lap. My good friend Petri passed me on his 5th lap (new PB on 3.10) and I had to walk up some hills. The 5th lap was the toughest and I lost ground to some other runners around me, but somehow I came back miraculosly on the last lap and overtook some of the ones that had passed me earlier on. I felt great and realized that I could reach my target and so I did. 4.24,07

Petri & Malin joined me home for dinner and some drinks. Good to catch up with Petri again. He's a triathlon fanatic and is getting better and better, even at the age of 43. Interesting. I hope to do an Ironman again next summer (Kalmar maybe) and my target is a new PB at the age of 51.

Av Pelle - 12 december 2008 19:31

Elvira invited us last night to her final piano session of the year, at the Culturehouse in Partille. I thought it would be only her & the Maestro, but when we got there the whole place was full of other piano students and lots of parents. 17 students were supposed to play one piece each and here we are with 2 small babies, that for sure have problems to keep quite for over an hour. This place was not a playground and it didn't take long until Nellie was running around stealing the attention from the piano-players. Little Jim was making other cute baby sounds, but I don't think it was at the right place or time for it. The auditorium was built for the perfect acustic sound and complete silence from the audience was expected.  Luckily enough, Elvira came up already as number 5 on the play list, so we managed to see her doing her number, before we had to get out and activate the small ones in the hallway.

One girl played some good old New Orleans Blues that was good, otherwise it was a bit of a draaag. The cinnamon buns were nice afterwards anyhow and I felt like Homer Simpson during a "have-to-do" activity for Lisa, but only focusing on the free donuts. Yes, Nellie & me had a couple each.

Tonight it's Lusse evening, so let's hope for some funny visits.

Av Pelle - 10 december 2008 20:39

The last couple of weeks have been extremely busy. Lots of hectic & complicated work issues to handle and to many meetings to prepare for. On top of that, lots of private activities and practicalities to coordinate. Training & sleeping have been kept on a minimum level lately. Some days are just a walk through in auto pilot mode where I rely upon the basic instincts. Some happenings are even hard to remember. That's a bad sign. Last night I fell asleep at the dinner table during  evening snack at around 7 PM. Totally knackered! But I had decided to go for a jog later on when Oliver played badminton, so I was surprised that I actually could force myself to get in to the running gear and complete 9 km's.

I would need a long weekend soon to rest and catch up with the family, but already on Saturday morning, I will go to Bovallsstrand for the Lucia Marathon. Well, if I can survive until Xmas, 2 weeks away, I'll be fine. A few days off then + a whole week in the winterhouse around and after New Year's weekend will be super. Then I'm ready to change the world again during 2009. Hakuna matata!


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