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Av Pelle - 11 november 2008 22:17

The second OK in the title stands for Orienterings Klubb.

Since Oliver is playing badminton twice a week in Landvetter and I do most of the driving to the sports arena, I can utilize the waiting time to do some training myself, so tonight I went for a run. Terrible weather conditions, but I had made up my mind, so no turning back. Dark, cold & wet already from start. I ran up to the forest where OK Landehof have their club house and tracks. Took a lap on the lit up electric light track, but it was in rather bad condition, with stones, mud & pools of water everywhere. Another problem was to see where to run since lots of light bulbs were out of order, sometimes over longer stretches. I met a couple of other runners in the forest, using headlamps (torches attached to the forehead). Definately needed. I realized that runners here are most likely orienteering runners, so they probably enjoy the wet & dirty conditions on an uneven track in the dark. They are a special kind of people for sure. Enjoy caravan camping, wearing rubber boots and showering outside (if they do?). The sport itself is rather demanding, but for me it's to associated to non glorious exercises during the military service. Next thing is that there's no sympathy for us colour blind guys. Trying to spot an orange checkpoint in a green & brown environment is almost impossible from the distance.

Anyhow, big disappointment with OK Landehof tonight. I remember when I was young and we had our el-light track in the forest in Kvänum (still there actually, but I'm not). It was maintained by a few idealistic volunteers and we took a pride in making sure that it always was in top condition. Dad & me were responsible for the lights, so every now and then, we made the lap around the course with a ladder and a box of light bulbs. I was the monkey that had to perform the top job. Some other guys had responibilities for the track surface and other tasks. I think that one of the problems today is to find non-profit volunteers that are willing to do these kind of tasks. We all expect that the community will send out some labour to fix things. That explains why it looks like it does.

I have also been a bit critical about the conditions of the nature walking tracks here in this area. There are 2 classic long distance tracks here, Vildmarksleden and Bohusleden, that both pass the Kåsjö area were we live. The tourist information offices and the internet are promoting them as fantastic wildlife experiences, but when you get out there, it's not even easy to find them, because the markers are 50 years old and some parts of the tracks have merged in to wild forest again, so the chance to get lost is very big. Again, lack of maintenance. You have to be an Orienteering type of person to enjoy it.

Sweden have so much nice nature that could be used for outdoor activities and it wouldn't take that much work or money to prepare some tracks in a nicer way. Look at how they've done this in New Zealand, where they have lots of fantastic bush walks and people from all walks of life are actually doing lots of tramping (Yes, that's what they call it down under). It's a big thing and people there are in general healthier and happier. Outdoor activities are preventiv health care.

Av Pelle - 10 november 2008 21:05

I have now been driving my new V70 flexifuel car for 2 weeks and every time that I'm getting up in speed (+ 100 km/h) on the fifth gear, I'm ready to shift up to next gear. I'm surprised that there ain't no sixth gear (like on my previous V50 T5), because it sounds like the engine is begging for one more at 3300 revs. Hmmmm... I'm not really happy with this. It also makes an enormous contrast to our V6 engine in the Voyager, that is cruising at the same speed on 1800 revs. It's a bigger pleasure driving that old van, mainly due to the sound of the engine. It feels more in harmony with me.

I'm not really interested in cars as such. Just a transport utility that should work without any problems. Need to find winter tyres for the van soon. Some mornings have been below zero and the roads on the hills around our home are a bit dodgy from time to time. One of my main tasks of the week will be to fix this.

Av Pelle - 9 november 2008 23:38

The day was spent up in my home village Kvänum with the whole clan. I made a good decision early in the morning, to take a roller ski trip around the Bjertorp castle (16 km). Then it felt better to sit inside eating a big dinner, cakes & other stuff the rest of the day. It can otherwise make me feel bad, so it saved the day somehow. Also nice to be together with the big family a bit again and it feels great to connect my small kids with their rather old grandparents. Mutual happiness all through our 3 generations. It was a good Fathers Day.

Watched a movie after returning home, with the promising title "Comic book villains", but it was a very simple story without any value. Another movie with a simple story, that we watched this week was "Death proof" by Quentin Tarantino. It was great! Fantastic atmosphere and dialouge. Lots of sick violence and perfect sound track. Tarantino got all the right ingredients as always, including Kurt Russell as the bad guy. Another night we saw "World according to Garp", that I used to rank high when it was released many years ago, but now it felt just to looong. Sleeping pill!

Av Pelle - 7 november 2008 23:50

Big week for sure. Early mornings & late evenings at work and no training what so ever. That's not really the way I want it, but it's quite often the case and a must, when you get engaged in a new assignment or project. Initial investment to get up in speed. I've been here before many times, so no worries!

No time really for my own activities with 2 toddlers & 2 teenagers in the house. Elvira & Oliver need lots of support for their school & spare time activities at the moment. They are doing fine all in all, so I should be pleased, considering that I'm not always acting according to the standard role model of a father. Good or bad, who can judge? I see many examples of so called perfect parents that are forcing boring expectations up on their kids and then they are shocked when the kids are rebelling against them and the pressure they are under. The parents often blaim it on the school & the society in general, when they themselves are the ones that need to change mindsets & behaviours.

The best role model for fathers (that I've ever met) is here visiting us right now. My friend Rosemburg from Brazil. His 2 kids are super nice, full of love, very ambitious and positive in general. It hasn't happened by chance that they turned out that way. They've been fortunate to choose very nice parents, that have fantastic life values. Rosemburg have the same influence on my kids, so it's a big big pleasure to see & feel that when he's here.

Tomorrow morning, he's off to Moscow for 3 months work. Interesting contrast for a Brazilian in the midst of the Russian winter. Enjoy it brother Burg! Lucky we bought some warm jacket and stuff for you tonight.

Av Pelle - 4 november 2008 22:47

... or "Change that we can believe in" and thousands and thousands other messages, media clips, web sites & all kinds of propaganda all over internet and other media. It's a giant marvelous campaign that most probably will take him all the way. It will be very exciting indeed to see how he will manage to deliver on all these slogans and promises.

Today is the day of election and there is for sure a need for change, regardless.

Av Pelle - 2 november 2008 22:56

This morning I decided to go for my normal 20 km run, from home down to Vallhamra & Skatås and then back via Partille Golf club, but today I should do it the opposite direction to get a change. After 4.5 km's I asked myself why I'm not changing course all together, so it took me half a second to decide to make a turn towards Mölnlycke and continue to Landvetter and then back home through Tahult. A little bit longer, 22 km, a little bit tougher uphill from Landvetter, but also a very nice change. New views and more easy to get mentally stimulated.

For some reason I normally like to start from home, just getting outside the house and get going. But I think that I from now on will try to take the car to some new starting points and find new courses, especially for the longer runs. Company is also nice during LSD runs but I just don't want to be to organized and committed in the calendar. Flexibility is important.

After an afternoon walk later on in the fantastic pre-winter weather, my right heel got really painful and swollen again. No good at all. Misia gave me home designed ice bandages to ease the problems and Yes, it works. First time ever that I've tried it. Cool feeling and it's probably better than using antiinflammatoric pills. I know that some elite track & fields athletes use ice treatment after their hard training sessions to avoid inflammations in muscles etc. Cool down mate!

Av Pelle - 1 november 2008 10:13

Ben, Sam, Tom & Jim make a nice team, with something in common that unites them. Have I missed any Uncle Xxx? If so, please let me know.

Av Pelle - 31 oktober 2008 21:14

But he has become more of an unemotional killer in the shape of Daniel Craig, even though I quite like him as an actor. I feel a bit sorry for him somehow, because behind his tough stoneface, I can see that he's not in harmony or happy at all. Poor chap. Bitterness all over his face and he has to make strong efforts to express himself verbally. Well, he's after revenge for the girl that was killed in Casino Royale.

It's another character all together than the one that Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan played, where the elegance and humour existed. Still, like most of us old Bond fans, persist to say, the real James Bond was of course Sean Connery and that will never change. I rank Daniel Craig as number 3, behind Roger Moore.

One early Sunday morning in the outskirts of London 1990, when I was out for a longer run along the Thames, I actuall ran into Roger, during a shooting of the film "Bullseye".

I was almost back home at Kew after 20 km's around Richmond Park and along the river, when I spotted a film crew and 2 older gentlemen in Scottish kelts, sitting waiting in chairs all by themselves. Roger Moore & Michael Caine. It felt unreal, because there were only the film crew, Roger & Michael and me there. So I hurried back home to have a quick shower and change, then back to the film shooting with some friends. I had a short talk with Roger, who was very polite and took some interested in me because I was from Sweden. I didn't know then that he had a Swedish wife. A funny memory that I have was that, I noticed that Michael Caine felt a bit bypassed/ignored/bored during our conversation. It's also easy to read the different attitude towards us on the photos that we took together. Roger Moore & Pelle smiling happily together, next to Michael Caine with an apathetic look on his face. The movie was really really bad. Perhaps my fault, who put Michael Caine in a sour mode. Check this review I agree fully.

It was a big pleasure tonight anyhow, to watch the 22nd Bond movie in a big theatre (Bergakungen), sitting on the front row, feeling the explosions and action scenes through vibrations in the chairs. I recommend you to see it, likewise I recommended to see the latest Rocky & Rambo movies. Films of no importance what so ever, but still ... Boys are still boys.


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